About corporate stupidity, part II

The Cole’s Axiom from the Murphy’s Laws states the following:

The sum of the intelligence on the planet is a constant; the population is growing.

An Axiom is defined as ‘a proposition that is not proved or demonstrated but considered to be self-evident‘ thus does not require any proof. And yes, the consequences of Cole’s Axiom are self evident, both globally and locally.

Consider a global example first: MTBE. First it was required to be added to gas for faster burning and lead to introduction of a new gas tax. However, several years later it was discovered that MTBE contaminated groundwater and soil and requires its removal. Which obviously required introduction of another gas tax. Needless to say that that the first gas tax stayed in effect.

A smaller, but still considerable example I  personally witnessed last week and I’ve already written about this in past. In the second example, one quite a large company decided to ‘be green’: eliminated all paper cups from its cafeteria and replaced them by reusable ugly plastic cups. Well, after several month of operation it was discovered that:

a) despite requests to bring used cups back they continued to disappear in large quantities. Because:
b) despite warnings and notes that cups are not disposable number of them ended up in trash. And
c) because they are made from non-destructible plastic they (surprise!) will not disintegrate and will poison the environment. Which
d) caused the company be fined by landfill management.

Last, it was discovered that washing these new cups over period of several month generated more expenses in utility bills then it would cost entire year of supply of paper cups.

So, last Friday entire population of ugly plastic cups have disappeared (еo the joy of everyone who had unfortunate luck to drink coffee from them) and paper cups appeared back in cafeteria.

But that had not happened before cafeteria management managed to place an order for 1200 plastic cups to replace disappearing ones….

Hey, do you wanna have 2000 plastic cups?

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About new IT hype (and other stuff)

On the stretch of US-101 from Sunnyvale to San Francisco’s last exit I’ve counted no less then seven billboards with word ‘cloud‘ in it. Surprisingly, on the way back there are only three cloud billboards.

P.S. In addition to that there are four billboards with itunes/Beatles, three car billboards, three with wireless providers/cell phones, two banks, two computer/electronics manufacturers, two beer and one each airline and insurance companies.

This is a striking difference from the scenery I’ve seen in Vegas where alongside of I-15 I’ve counted five billboards offering lawyers/traffic school/bail bond bond services and in Houston where there are plenty of advertisements offering to sell your home in less then six month or promising to keep your home from foreclosure. Apparently they target the same recipients of such services because they are next to each other on billboards in most cases….

Well, the place  where one lives defines mentality…One more proof of it….

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About aliens and software

There is decades-old question formulated as Fermi Paradox. That question become even more actual since NASA released their Cosmic Census estimations – where the hell are those damn aliens?

Well, I always had a suspicion that aliens existed (‘suspicion’ – because I could not be sure). Now I am, after getting knew a little bit SAP NetWeaver software and its internals.

That’s because this software, its architecture and management defies any type human IT engineering concepts and logic.

See, aliens do exist. They simply disguise themselves as Germans.

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About recruiters (yes, again) and some (interesting) positions…

Got following email today, which I’m publishing whole except the contact information at the bottom:

This is a 1 year contract to hire position in Seaside at one of our client sites.  
Skills required include:
Senior Administrator Cisco PIX, Cisco firewalls, F5 Load Balancers, Cisco VPN, Wireless devices.  Must possess an extensive knowledge of Cisco network equipment, with recent experience designing and deploying enterprise level routing and switched networks.  Architect, design, and implement Citrix XenApp, NetApp, VMware VSphere.
This position is only open to US Citizens.  You must pass a Department of Defense security clearance– includes criminal background check, drug test, FBI fingerprinting, and credit check (collections, charge offs, past due/negative accounts all count towards the credit check pass/fail).


Hmmm once again… Is this how three-letter-agencies recruit people nowadays? If yes, seems they also jumped on the train of outsourcing and happily delegated recruiting tasks to these I’ve already mentioned several posts earlier.

Yes, I’ve seen plenty of weird email messages addressed to me. Some of them were from recruiters which were weird enough to be directly published here.

But no job description (apparently, if you want to know what you’ll be doing they have to kill you first) citizenship requirements (OK, I’ve seen that plenty in other messages) with the combination of credit check (I’m surprised that there is no requirement for 750 FICO score) – I think this one tops all previous ones.

I was really eager to write her a reply that I’m hesitant to consider this position because my gut feeling is that one of background checks most likely would require proctorial and prostate exams and GPS chip implanted in a …

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About Christmas Eve events

I’d say that watching TRON Legacy midnight at IMAX (it started at 10:30PM), was quite an interesting ending of the Christmas Eve…

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About (some) recruiters – 3

My trust in human race’s intelligence abilities (or, at least in abilities of some recruiters to run spell-check of an email before sending it) in the Digital Age is constantly diminishing.

Today I got a following email:

I noticed your background and profile on Linked In. We have an opening for a Technical Support Engineer Level 3 (Escalations) in both our San Frankcsio and Sunyvale offices. Do you know of anyone who might have an interest?

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!

I did write an email to her and asked where these (above highlighted) places are located. Have not received an answer…

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About equipment ending up in data centers

Today we got an electricity equipment (somehow related to DC/AC conversion) with a marvelous name  E-rectifier’.

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