About TV (part II), or only in America

There was an old anecdote (in Russian) – a drunk husband complains that the TV shows only one program and his wife replies that  the TV is actually broken and he has being watching fireplace all evening.

It’s said that there are three things that you can watch with endless fascination: how fire burns, how water flows and how other people work. Well in America you can also enjoy watching a fire burning without having a fireplace at all. Because only here was someone was smart enough to invent a TV channel which shows nothing except a log burning in a fireplace. BTW, contrary to wiki, this TV channel is permanent, not just for Christmas time only. Obviously you can buy a DVD and tape with the same ‘program’ too.

If you have no TV at home ithere is no problem, you can enjoy watching fire online using your computer. Obviously when a log is burnt, someone comes and replaces it.

I won’t be surprised if I find out that there are other TV channels broadcasting the other two pillars of endless fascination….

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