About (not having) TV at home

Granted, I do admit that I’m not a typical consumer who fits into that standard American definition of the term – I do not carry any credit card debt, do not have kids, do not work 9-5, I do not go to office to work, do not talk about sports with my colleagues, I do not watch any sport events (except FIFA world cup once every 4 years) and so many other things which I ‘do not’, associating me with general population. Despite that still there are plenty of other people in these above mentioned categories.

But there is one category which breaks almost any attempt to associate me with other general (when I say ‘general’ I mean that winning the Nobel Prize is definitely not a property of an ordinary person) population groups and pretty much unique by itself – I do not have a TV, any TV, at home.

Not having a TV at home brings quite some interesting results and observations. First of all – according to US Census it will get you into 0.1% of US population under the same characteristics – households who do not have any TV set at home. Interestingly enough – almost all of those households (me included) do it by choice, rather than not being able to afford it. Also what those households have in common (and again, this excludes me) is that most of them are religious ultraconservatives. I never thought that one day I can be somehow associated with this fringe group…

Secondly, you can enjoy people’s reactions when you announce this fact in a social event/gathering and/or asking people questions like ‘what is American Idol’? The "Moose in Headlights" look is guaranteed almost every time.

As I said, I do not have TV at home by choice. I do believe that 99% delivered via cable/broadcast is analogue of junk mail and one actually even has to pay to watch it. Amazing, isn’t it? Plus you have to watch commercials in between of that junk food for brain.

Furthermore, with no TV at home  there is no need to "keeping up with the Joneses", no more hearing about stuff you don’t really need to buy, no more constant barrage of information resulting in brain and senses overload. Were we really designed to have constant info input with no down time? I think not.  

Why do I need to have TV at home? I get the information I need from Internet. Also, thanks to MvGroup I can download and watch only those programs I’m interested in – documentaries. I still have no idea why cable/satellite companies do not allow you to select and subscribe to only those channels you are interested in.

However, from time to time there are some quality shows on TV networks. One of these types of exception is House M.D. with my favorite Hugh Laurie. If you’ve seen Jeeves and Wooster I do not think that you can forget Bertie. Hugh is great in both these roles and remarkably has no British accent in House.

So, I’ve downloaded first two seasons (thanks to torrents) and am going to enjoy it next few weeks.

My suggestion? Try turning off your TV for a week, and turning on your imagination, creativity and your BRAIN instead! You might be surprised at the results!

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